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A Joke Without End : How I learned to love coffee.

So, here's to the battlefront with caffeine, where dark humor is the armor that shields us from the absurdity of it all. Embrace the madness, for in this chaotic dance with the espresso machine lies the essence of our shared humanity – our need for that jolt of caffeinated courage to face the day, no matter the cost.

On the Battlefront with Caffeine: Espresso Machine Logistics and the Morning Rush.

The machine hisses and sputters, an unpredictable beast that occasionally demands more TLC than an overtired toddler. The sacred ritual of taming this monster every morning, complete with its cacophonous symphony of sounds, is an exercise in patience, precision, and coffee-stained devotion.

The morning grind. No, not the monotonous routine of life, but the deafening noise that heralds the start of my day – the espresso machine awakening from its slumber, much like a disgruntled elder woken from a nap. A single look at that metallic contraption is enough to make you question your life choices. "Do I really need this much caffeine to function, do I need to be this peddler that I have become?" you ask yourself. But there's no turning back now; the coffee addiction has got you in its merciless grip.

Each morning, I step into the battlefield, donning my coffee-stained armor, ready to face the espresso machine head-on. It's as if I'm willingly choosing to engage in hand-to-portafilter combat before my brain even registers the passing of time. The sounds of grinding beans and hissing steam surround me, a discordant symphony that could rival a death metal concert.

With the precision of a brain surgeon, I attempt to load the coffee grounds into the portafilter. But alas, my sleep-deprived hands have other plans, and the grounds end up everywhere but inside the filter. It's a caffeinated massacre – coffee grounds littering the counter, my clothes, and my dignity.

As I try to regain my composure, the machine mocks me with a series of ominous beeps. "Ah, yes," I mutter sarcastically, "because your disdain for me is not clear enough already." The machine seems to revel in my misery, taking pleasure in every clumsy move I make. I swear I see it smirk as I struggle to tamp the grounds just right, as if to say, "You call that tamping? Might as well use a feather, you amateur."

Finally, I muster the courage to press the button, praying for a smooth extraction. But as the coffee starts to flow, it's a trickle, not the velvety stream of perfection I so desperately crave. "Oh, come on!" I shout in exasperation. "If I wanted a coffee drip, I'd have used a leaky faucet."

As I battle the machine for that precious caffeine elixir, I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the shiny metal surface. Dark circles under my eyes like battle scars, hair sticking out at odd angles like a deranged artist's masterpiece. I look like I've been through a war, and in a way, I have – the daily skirmish between man and machine, sanity hanging by a thread.

And just when I think I've emerged victorious, the machine delivers one final blow – a sudden burst of steam that scalds my hand like a vengeful dragon's breath. "Oh, how delightful," I mutter through gritted teeth. "Just what I needed to complete this morning ritual of torture."

But in the end, there's a bitter sweetness to the whole affair. Despite the chaos, the burns, and the occasional coffee confetti explosion, that first sip of freshly brewed espresso makes it all worth it. It's a fleeting moment of bliss, a caffeinated respite from the daily grind of life.

As the sun rises over the edge of the graffiti stained buildings across the street spotlighting discarded face masks thrown on the street, empty taco bell bags tumbling like weeds in a spaghetti western.  A new battlefield transforms into a whole new battleground. An art of turning frothy milk and espresso into aesthetic masterpieces is more than just drawing a neat leaf. It's an intimate moment of creation, a meticulous study in physics and aesthetics, a silent conversation with each customer, and, oddly enough, a unique metaphor for the impermanent nature of existence. It's still morning and I'm alive.