JM Journal

Which Brad Are You?

There's a brad for every coffee consumer. Which one are you?

Slightly Tweaking

You're three Cappuccinos deep and it's only 9:30 AM. Try the gluten-free chocolate donuts, they should restore your sanity.

Main Character Brad

You woke up early. You made the bed. You just slammed down the perfect oat Latte and you're ready to kick some ass.

Feeling Lucky

You just took a bite of a croissant that blasted your taste buds to a different galaxy and you now have the courage to talk to that special someone you've been eyeing at the coffee shop all morning.

Life of the Party

You've got your coffee cup in hand, just walked into the office and you are about to make pitch to your boss that's gonna land you that promotion you've been eyeing for the past two months. Go got 'em Brad!

All Smiles

Your boss just called and said you don't have to come into work, so you hit the flea markets, grab your self a cold brew and tear up the streets. Nothing's gonna bring you down today.

Perfectly Caffeinated

You had the smoothest Cortado you've ever seen in your life. Followed with an absolutely perfect croissant that warmed you up so good you're ready to dish out some hugs and serve some food at your local food bank. A Jurassic Magic Cortado will do that to you.