JM Journal

RAE NIWA - Poetic Reflection

As a child, I spent a lot of time thinking about the ground, the sky, the sound of a voice, or the way we make eye contact. I always felt an unsettling pressure to capture the meanings of those things. There are a few people in the world that can capture pulses of life through their passions one being Rae Niwa.

Although we didn’t gather it together in a normal tide of actions

This was still a kind of victory

A subtle grace against anything we were used to

This was the only feat I ever really wanted

Something that grips you, but all the while

Lays you down

I can’t remember all of it, but there was something said about hard held goodbyes and the song we first played on the radio

Maybe it feels far away, and you leave it fractured in this way,

not really worried about smoothing over the edges

I liked this way where things were

drawn out and honest

like the ending sun

We couldn't really capitalize on loss because it was always at our fingertips.

We never grew tired of waiting because we always knew the perimeter would not hold.

As  we grew older, dreams were reserved for evening; a quiet elude into novelty, a way of erasure, seduced into hiddenness.

If I could pour secrets over once more I would, but not here.

As people partition fragments, alchemical longing is found in the crux of pretend.

But the moon is still here, holding.